Saturday 21 February 2015

Distance... If Miles Apart!

    Physics defines distance as the space between two points. Graphically, distance between two points can be measured by joining them by a straight line.
    What happens in case of two people living far away from each other? Two cities in two different countries. The time gap between two time zones. Perhaps between two people, too, something makes gap. So can ever the distance between two hearts be measured? Especially if the space of miles and miles appear between them? Do there prevail only emptiness, the silence... and the inaccessibility to their intense desires? Or that straight line, a single string connects from heart to heart?
    Yes, there may be chances of a few discoveries. From harsh realities to sweet truth. Yet they learn to trust, learn to wait, learn to sacrifice and lastly to appreciate.. Missing each other… Anticipating... Waiting… and so on! Finally, they start to see qualities of the distance. She cherishes and moves a day away from the day she last met him. He’s also moving a day closer to the day he would see her again! The greatest feeling in the world as he knows that he has waited for her so long... Thus it becomes a journey of two hearts  to veil those miles, hours and the void...

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