Saturday 21 February 2015

Embalmed Memories

Never was I in search of him,
But did came he someday.
So lost my mind and myself
Cradling in the euphoria!
World was brimmed with ecstasy
And serene azure was the sky.
Thus in a moment all of a sudden
Had my soul been fallen for thou!
Never did I dream up that
I’d find the life and even more.
Oh! All that deluge was for me
Waiting in thy castle of arms.
This was more than what
Could anyone rarely long for,
And the plethora of bliss
Could I ever be worthy of.
Yet that day ran to drench in downpours
Streaming down from the emptiness.
To lave my cajoled dreams off and
An immaculate for a newfangled hope...
Now these all versified memories are
Embalmed in memorial of you!

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